Employers/Brokers/Wellness Companies

We offer a variety of testing options including screening panels and basic biometrics to meet the needs of a wide variety of private clients from construction companies to banks. We customize each screening event to meet the health reporting and program management needs of our customers.


Through a national network of biometric screeners, Healthy Measures provides on-site screening in any location for any number of employees.

Medical Insurance

Medicaid/Medicare Insurance Programs

Healthy Measures provides biometric screening to some of the country’s largest Medicaid/Medicare providers. These programs are offered in the community and physicians’ offices, provide HEDIS numbers, and are billed through Medicare/Medicaid.


Staffed by healthcare professionals, Healthy Measures is a biometric testing and wellness company providing comprehensive, on-site health screenings and wellness programming for public and private employers, insurance companies and promoters of health related products and services.

We specialize in collaborating with clients in the development of customized outcome based health and wellness programs to lower health care costs. Whether you are looking for a biometric testing company to compliment your existing wellness program or a company to provide comprehensive testing and wellness programming - Healthy Measures will provide the solution.