Who We Serve

Employers / Broker / Wellness Partners

Healthy Measures offers an extensive catalog of wellness services to meet the needs of Employers, Brokers, and Wellness Partners. We customize wellness solutions that include infinite combinations of services such as health fairs with onsite chair massage, smoothie stations, mental health experts, etc., biometric screening programs, wellness challenges, fitness classes and more. We blend our services with our partners seamlessly creating impactful and agile wellness results for the end user.

National Services

Through a national network of biometric screeners, medical professionals and wellness experts, Healthy Measures provides on-site (as well as live-virtual) programming in any location for any number of employees.

Medicaid / Medicare / Commercial Insurance Companies

Healthy Measures provides specialized biometric screening and educational programs to some of the country's largest Insurance providers through enterprise contracts and our preferred vendor status. These programs are offered in the community and in physicians offices and can provide valuable HEDIS measures to the organizations who need them and often can be provider billed.

Healthy Measures Wellness Cooperative

The Healthy Measures Wellness Center is our “neighborhood” space for all things wellness. Our talented team of Licensed Massage Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Mental Health Therapists, and other medical & fitness professionals are available to schedule individual appointments or create group programs to help meet the needs of the community

Our Services